A New Thing

I have not been so present in the blog world lately as I have been working on several things apart from ministry work. Since 24 hours is too short a time to get everything done, it took many, many days and hours to even get me to the beginning stage.

Our online store at Etsy is up at running now. Finally. I am really thankful for being able to do all that I enjoy doing. Ministry alongside my husband, and now, allowing my creativity to bloom and to re-open my store online. I am realizing that I have to put more effort and business acumen into an online store and while I have zero experience with doing business or in marketing, I am willing to learn. The last time I had a store online, I don’t think I realized all that I had to do to keep it going. I still don’t but I will find time to invest in it to get it going and it is something I have prayed a lot about and sensed to go ahead.

Scared? Yes. Excited? Yes. Scared some more? Oh, definitely. It is not easy to put your work out there and wait with nail biting anxiousness to see if people will like it to buy it.

Personalizable artwork in our store. www.etsy.com/OhVelardeCreations

Personalizable artwork in our store. http://www.etsy.com/OhVelardeCreations

This store will be a way for people to help us continue our work in the Dominican Republic and also a way for them to sow into the community here. 10% of all proceeds from each sale will go towards the ministry and to the people we help.

Now that the store is up and running, I can focus on making some different things to list for sale; like pendants and eventually, certain objects for weddings. Christmas is around the corner and we have some unique gifts available. Come have a look around and let me know what you think.

We are called Oh,Velarde! Creations and can be found at http://www.etsy.com/shop/OhVelardeCreations. We will also eventually be on Zibbet. Word of mouth is important to any business so please tell others about us if you like what you see!