A New Season

We moved. About almost a month ago. And then, we had to wait twenty days before we could get internet. While waiting, we discovered that there are many open WiFi signals around town, however, the only one worth anything is at Burger King. Which meant that we spent more time than we should have at BK just to use their 256kbs WiFi to answer emails, and communicate with family. 

Well, we are now moved in, mostly organized, have internet and are getting back into a routine with personal life and ministry. It feels good. To be where we are supposed to be, to stop being in limbo and waiting, to be able to start planning and exhaling. Funny how one does not realize how long one holds one’s breath while waiting on God. To exhale at long last is like finally melting into a very comfortable couch and knowing that it is done. Your bones can relax. That leg of the journey is done.

This morning saw the start of a new “arm” of our ministry by God’s grace. It is exciting to see what doors He opens up as we keep following His lead. I’ve also been working on some custom ordered banners and other ideas to sell in my Etsy store and local monthly craft fair, as well as editing photos I had taken for an event which was part of a friend’s ministry¬†which is why this blog had been neglected. Hopefully, once I get my online store organized and this Saturday’s craft fair is done, I will be able to write more regularly.