Wake Up

I do not think that Christians are taking things that are happening in the world today seriously enough. In the days of yore, in World Wars I and II, the good guys triumphed and we now take it for granted that the good guys will always triumph in this world. What many do not take into consideration is that the good guys triumphed in the wars of yesteryear because they held on to one important thing: God. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to be precise. Our forefathers of old had a healthy fear and regard for God. Not any god, but the Living God and His Son, Jesus Christ. That is why it is important to me that when I refer to God, I want it to be known that I am talking about the God of not only Abraham, but of Isaac and Jacob as well; and also His Son, Jesus Christ or Yeshua Hamashiach.

Today, society and governments have phased God out of their lives. They have no fear or regard of God anymore, and rather, are emulating Lucifer in that they want to be like God or be God. They underestimate their enemy, thinking that they are still able to triumph in their own strength and knowledge, instead of trusting and calling on the One who created the heavens and the earth to help them win. Meanwhile, Christians cower in fear, thinking that they are powerless when in fact they have been given power (2 Timothy 1:7; Luke 10:19; John 14:12; Acts 1:8) to be more than conquerors and to triumph; while others pretend that everything is well and normal and go on eating, drinking and making merry in the hopes that by ignoring the things that they should not ignore, they will go away or not affect them.

That was what America thought on Dec 6, 1941.

December 7, 1941 changed everything when Pearl Harbour was bombed. And the US was dragged into a war they did not want to be in. They had to wake up.

marshmallows. businessweek.

marshmallows. businessweek.

How long can Christians think that by ignoring the present and by trying to pretend that there is a peace if they stay on the sidelines, that they will remain unaffected by what is happening? How many Christians are truly prepared to stand (Ephesians 6:10-18) firmly in battle with their full armour on? Are we truly prepared if persecution comes? If certain factions have their way, and they well might succeed because Christians are not praying or seeking God or even taking any of it as seriously as we should, then persecution might not be that far away. Has our faith toward God been honed and forged in the fires of trials and tests so that we are firmly rooted in the Word of God to be able to stand or have we been avoiding the tests and trials of life by allowing ourselves to wallow in the muck of our own self pity which has resulted in our faith not being honed and made strong in the Word of God? Have we been holding on to the erroneous understanding that grace allows us to sin and to keep on sinning in order to justify our own lusts and desires? Have we become soft without substance like a marshmallow so that when heat comes our way, we disintegrate?

Some may say that I am judging. The truth is, we need to judge. We need to judge with the Word of God so we will know what is right and wrong according to God’s standards. We are not called to condemn. There is a difference between judging and condemning. We need to judge sin and call it what it is so that we can call people to repentance and show them the hope that is in Christ who takes away the sin of the world. But first, we need to show that hope in our own lives. Our everyday lives have to reveal that hope. We cannot live a double life or have a double standard.  Sin is ugly, it brings death and it separates us from God. And as long as Christians refuse to stand up for what is right according to what the Word of God says, they will have no power.

Christians need to wake up. People need to be called to repentance. They need to know there is hope and eternal life in Jesus. Are we as  Christians telling them that? Or are we ensconced in our own bubble pretending that all is well in the world or wallowing in the swimming pool of our own muck? We are to love our neighbours as we love ourselves. Do we love them enough to shake them awake to tell them about the truth, the way and the life? I write this because I have been sensing an urgency for a while now, an urgency to prepare for what is to come and to keep checking myself to make sure that I am right with God and to tell as many as I can about Jesus.

Perhaps I am wrong and it might not happen for a long, long time or at all, but it does not hurt to get our heads out of the sand and to make sure that our lives are right with God and share the hope that we have with others.

” The man (woman) who loves his life will lose it, while the man who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.”

 John 12:25