Drama At Our Zoo

We had a full day today. A very good day of meetings and ministry but also a very long and tiring one. The first inkling we had that something was amiss at home was when we drove into the carport. Mayah and Maddy came to greet us as they always do. But not Judah. That was weird, and even stranger still was that we could hear him barking out back. 

Giorgio. The parakeet.

Hunters at rest. adelineohvelarde

Hunters at rest. adelineohvelarde

We learned a few things today about our dogs.

  • All 3 are great hunters; Mayah flushes out prey, Maddy gets a hold of the jugular, and Judah perseveres.
  • To Mayah and Maddy, Luis and I are more important than prey.
  • To Judah, when he is on watch, he is singlemindedly on watch.
  • Also, Judah is finally over his trauma of being beaten severely for killing his previous owner’s duck.

We went out to the back and Judah was barking at the corner while Giorgio was nowhere to be seen on the metal railings. When Luis got to him with the gardening gloves, Giorgio was bleeding and Judah kept him cornered till Luis picked the bird up. He was bleeding from under the wing and his shoulder but the wounds look like surface abrasions rather than deep bite marks so we cleaned it as best as he allowed us to and put on some antibacterial ointment. Who knows how long the dogs had him cornered before we got home. I’m just glad we got home when we did and this did not happen while we were in Santo Domingo earlier this week.

So much drama.

We did not punish Judah or the other two. There are rats and snakes and unsavoury critters where we live and we like that the dogs are able to take care of them for us. Judah was traumatized about hunting when we adopted him and even went as far as to stop the other two from hunting. By giving him a lot of praise and encouragement, he is finally over his trauma and is now proving himself to be a better hunter than the other two. We figure it is in their innate nature to hunt, so we are not going to punish them for something they are designed to do.

Luis made and attached a nesting box for Giorgio to the metal railings so he has a place he can go to feel secure. Hopefully, he has learned from this and will stay on the rails until either his wing feathers grow out or we can afford a large cage for him.

Meanwhile, life goes on for all at our mini zoo.