Learning Life

I have learned so much this last month and am still learning. And no, it’s not about ministry. But yes, it’s about life.

For a while I have been sensing that I need to have my own online store, to eventually have my own domain name and all. But it was a scary move and one I had no experience in at all. Well, in the summer, doors opened for me to be able to move into having my own storefront, to design it the way I want it to look so that it better reflects my brand. And that was what I had been working on the last month and a bit.

Many long hours of hard work, amidst household chores and discipling people, went into this. And it was and still is a labour of love. I barely went to bed before 1:30am most nights, but the joy and sense of accomplishment of having arrived at this point is a truly awesome feeling. I have never thought of myself as an entrepreneur, never had a head for business, but what I learned in this last month and a bit and what I am still learning now has made me realized that I do enjoy being an entrepreneur and I do like learning about business and marketing. And once again, as God has shown me years ago when I started serving Him without knowing what I was doing, and is showing me now, is this: I can do ALL things through Him who strengthens me.

If He has put it in our hearts to do something, He will equip us to do it. No matter how difficult we think it is. When I started ministry, I learned how to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit so I can be led by Him. It’s no different with a business. He opened the doors that needed to be opened. I walked through them and did what I needed to do. And every time I sat down at my worktable to make a new item, my mind would become a crazy plethora of thoughts telling me I was stupid to try, it was useless to keep going on, etc. And just like I had to do with ministry and with everything else in life, I had to reject every single one of them with the Word of the Lord and believe that He has given me this creativity and intelligence so that I can glorify Him. And on the eve of my store’s launch, I knew that once again in Christ I am more than a conqueror because  in that period of a month, I had learned so much that I knew I had triumphed , if nothing else, against my own preconceptions about myself and what I thought I was not or could not be. By walking and sometimes, crawling the journey, I have grown, been strengthened in my faith and no longer the same as before. I am not afraid of what I think I cannot do. I can because He strengthens me. And what I do, be it in ministry or as an entrepreneur has much value, because all of my resources, be it internal or external, come from Him.

I would like to introduce you to my new store:ohvello.madefreshly.com. There is a launch celebration till November 6th and we’re offering 15% discount off a minimum purchase of $25. Pay one shipping cost with multiple purchases. A portion of the proceeds will go towards our ministry here in the DR. We ship internationally, just contact us to find out what the shipping is if your country is not listed. Please take a look and let me know what you think! Share it with your friends too.

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