Lights, Camera…and Waiting

Time is moving quickly these days. Either that, or I’m just getting older. I prefer to think time is moving along too quickly. 

God has been teaching me a lot lately and some I am still processing, while others I can share. Our walk with the Lord is a constant process and a journey of many twists and turns with all converging onto one straight and narrow path; and I don’t believe any one person has got it all together in this journey with the Lord. It is a constant learning and walking and holding on tight to His hand to keep taking steps forward. Right now, I am learning that sometimes, even when you ask for direction from God and you’re waiting for Him to lead, instead, what seems like mixed signals come your way… and it feels like the only thing to do is go and bury your head under the sand and throw your hands up in the air. Paints a really odd picture, doesn’t it? I’m sure stock photographers would attempt that shot somewhere if it is not already done.

Well, I may feel like burying my head in the sand at times, but I don’t actually do it. I have learned that walking with God means not giving up, it means to keep walking because unbeknownst to me, while I am walking, He is creating a path where there was no path before. So, in essence, while I am dragging my feet at times to keep walking forward, the path that I am on may not have been there before, and is only one that He has recently put forth for me to walk on. And while I think that is the hardest thing to do, He is actually leading me even though I may feel otherwise.

So, burying my head in the sand and giving up is not an option. It never is.

Instead, it is a constant adherence to Him that will eventually show me the tapestry/needlework/crochet pattern He has been making and concocting all along. I am the thread and I need to stay in the needle. In times like these, the only thing to do is to keep doing what I am doing and wait. That is hard to do because so often, my flesh wants to do what seems logical and makes sense to what people generally think. And it is not easy to stop listening to those voices to wait on the Lord. 

We are a people who want to do. Do, do, do, action, action, action makes us feel productive, makes us feel like we are earning our keep. Makes us feel that we are worth something, either monetarily or in other ways. Yet, it is in waiting on the Lord that we are made stronger, that we are shown wisdom, that we are able to see things in the depths of our hearts that we need to get rid of. However, it is difficult for our cultural nature to reconcile that with the logic of the Lord. (Case in point: Martha, Mary and Jesus ~ Luke 10:38-42)

In much of our doing, we forget that it is the Lord who opens and closes doors. And this is where we either keep walking in faith with Him or we stop trusting Him and walk our own way. We generally have a timeline of how long we will wait and when we think we cannot wait anymore, or that God is not bowing to our needs, we get upset with God, we think He has forgotten us or is not listening to us and we throw in the towel to our faith in Him and decide to take matters in our own hands.

What we do not realise is that so often, before God can bring about the fullness of His plans into our lives, we need to be ready to receive and administer what He gives us. We need to be tested, tried and refined to a point where we are ready to be given what He wants to give us so we can administer it in the way God wants us to administer it. A ten year old child cannot be given a million dollar inheritance. He or she is not mature enough to receive it and expected to be wise in handling it. In like manner, even if we have been walking with the Lord for a long time, at different season of our lives, He tests us and brings us deeper into maturity with Him, so we can be refined and mature enough to receive that new responsibility. We may think we are ready, but He knows us better than we do ourselves. However, first, we must prove ourselves faithful to the lesser responsibilities He has given us before he can give us more. (Luke 16:10; Matthew 25:23) Part of our testing is in the waiting. To see if we will persevere in the smaller things, to see if we can wait on Him before He opens another door, to see if we will persist by faith even though there seems like there is a stone wall ahead. It is in the waiting which is where we will hear Him and it is in the waiting when He will see if we will trade our glory for His. You see, so often, our wanting to do and be in action is to bring glory to ourselves to show what we have accomplished rather that to allow God to move in His way to show us and others what He can accomplish.

Which is why burying our heads in the sand and giving up when nothing seems to be moving is never an option. It only reveals that we want to give up because it seems that we have failed or not accomplished what we had hoped we would accomplish. Again, that speaks of our glory, that we have failed or have not managed to accomplish something in order to yield the results we were hoping for. If He has called us to do something, no matter what it is, we need to be doing it until He releases us or opens another door for us to walk through. Being faithful in the little is the momentum that will carry us forward into receiving the bigger things. For God, success is not dependent on the results we seem to put so much weight on.

For God, success is how we walk the journey with Him; if we are obedient to Him, if we are faithful to the little He has given us, if we are His light and salt to others around us and if we walk by faith or not.

These are things that give Him the glory. And if waiting on Him is part of making us into a success in His eyes, then so be it.

After all, His will be done, not ours.