Pesach, or Passover, was on Tuesday. The Israelites were told to paint the lintels of their homes with the blood of a sacrificial lamb to mark their homes so that the angel of death would pass over them. God was releasing His people from the bondage of slavery in Egypt to bring them into the promise land of abundance. 

Tomorrow marks Good Friday, the day when the perfect lamb was sacrificed so that His blood will cleanse and mark us and differentiate us from the rest of the world. It is God choosing to lay His Son down so that we can be released from the bondage of the slavery of sin and escape death to live eternally.

Yet, so many still choose to ignore that gift of life. So many seek yet choose not to find the truth. This week is Holy Week, a week of preparation to gear ourselves up to recognize and acknowledge the greatest sacrifice ever made. Yet, in the Dominican Republic, this week marks the gearing up to a holiday weekend of excessive drinking. The Red Cross trucks are parked at every known drinking hotspot as drunk drivers abound on the roads. While my husband and I prepare to bunker ourselves in for the weekend to avoid drunk drivers on the streets, I cannot help but think of how people in North America also numb themselves to not acknowledging the sacrifice made by the Son of God.

It seems that North Americans prefer to emphasize the unreal over the real, blinding themselves to truth in their choice to believe in fantasy and make believe; not realizing the danger in that. While the Son of God pursues humankind with His outstretched arms of love, north americans pursue the easter bunny and seek after coloured or chocolate eggs in a bid to stay numb and entertained.

Why is the truth of God so difficult to accept? Because it comes with responsibility. The responsibility to obey and follow and the conviction to acknowledge that the world does not revolve around us. People prefer to find ways to drown themselves in self pity and other self gratifying actions, without thought of how it could hurt others or themselves while others look for ways to be entertained, focusing all their energy on what makes them feel good.

Ignorant, complacent, drugged up in more ways than one, self absorbed humans choose to be blind to the truth of the reason behind the cross at calvary. It is easier this way. No responsibility, no conviction, no need to worship anything but that which feeds their egos. They seek, but choose not to see. Meanwhile, the angel of death comes closer and only those who are marked by the blood of the Lamb will be passed over.