No Free Pass

This is what a mosquito in our car overheard today: 

Me: “You know, I really think that God is allowing us to go through this dry season so we can meet …… and get to know them better.”

Hubby: “That’s what I think too.”

Me: “It would have been a lot nicer of God to let us know that the reason we need to go through this is for the purpose of getting to know them.”

Hubby turns to look at me from the wheel, with that look that says, ‘she’s just not getting it.’ Then patiently said, “Well, if He told us why, it wouldn’t require faith then.”

Me: “Yes, it would. I would just go, ok and wait it out like I am now.”

Hubby: “It would not be faith if you knew everything. Faith requires you to trust God when you don’t know everything.”

How come he’s so smart?

The Journey. adelineohvelarde

The Journey. adelineohvelarde

I thought about our conversation and then thought of Abraham. God told him what He planned to do to Sodom and Gomorrah because God considered Abraham his friend. So, I started to wonder if I am not spending enough time with God to be considered His friend. Sigh, I sometimes wonder how I come up with these thoughts. The interesting thing is that while I was wondering what I should do more for God to consider me His friend, I was reminded that God told Abraham about what He was planning to do about other things, but not everything about what God was doing in his own life. He told Abraham He would give him an heir and descendants and that was it. Even though God considered Abraham His friend, He did not reveal to Abraham the when and how. He still made Abraham go through the waiting period and trials to build up his faith.

Although he was considered God’s friend. And precisely because he was considered God’s friend.

God loved Abraham too much to just give everything to him on a silver platter. God told him what he needed to know and then allowed the circumstances around the fulfilment of the promise to mature his faith. Just because God considered Abraham his friend did not mean he was going to get a free pass out of the mountain of faith growing.

I am a child of the Most High God. God does not love me less than Abraham nor any of His other children. One of the best things about God is He has no favourites. And when it comes to what we need to go through so we can grow up in Him, each one of us will have to go through it because He loves us too much.

Not any more or less than He loved Abraham.