The Most Unpopular Blog Post

So many thoughts have been percolating in my head over the last couple of weeks, yet none of them seem like they were something I could write about here. Perhaps I’m softening up and losing my edge. Or am I trying to be a people pleaser?

I have been going on a David study journey lately, and one thing that I see as a constant in David’s life before he became king has been that he always sought the Lord no matter how he felt. Even when it seemed logical to act, he took time out to seek the Lord. Unlike Saul, who acted rashly through his desperation. One was guided by the Lord, the other by his selfish ambitions and feelings. James 3:16 says that where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there is disorder and every evil thing.

I believe that this is a season like no other when we have to repent and call others into repentance. Let’s face it, we as north american Christians have been very comfortable. We choose what we want to hear from the pulpit and receive what we want from the Word of God and it is no wonder why we have no power and fire in our bones. Where is the power that comes from the Holy Spirit in us? Has it been masked by our comfortability and our desires? We say God doesn’t speak like He did before,  but are we seeking Him first and foremost like David did despite how he felt? Are we walking righteously with God? Have we put to death our flesh and its selfish desires to take up our cross so that we can say it is no longer I that lives but Christ who lives in me?

Or do we hide behind the curtains of political correctness and liberalism while pretending that this is God’s grace? Have we twisted God’ love and forgiveness to mean that we can do what we want and “God will understand?” I realize I am not popular. What I say is not modern, nor does it resound with the times. We are afraid to know what the bible says because we do not want it to truly change us to become like Jesus.

We want to be ourselves and fit Jesus into who we are.

Saul did that. He had selfish ambitions. But ambitions are good, aren’t they? Sure, if they glorify the Lord and not ourselves. Selfish ambitions and envy bring about chaos and disorder; not the peace that surpasses understanding that comes through letting Jesus be lord in our lives and we be dead to ourselves. Is there an arrow aimed at my head about now? I know, I know, this is not blog material. This is not what people want to read about; it’s uncomfortable. We want everything to be nice and our lives to go on a regular controlled pace that we control. We want God to be the old man upstairs who is kind of a fuddy duddy forgetful grandpa whom we can manipulate and pat on the hand and say, “now, now…you have to get with the times you know, God? Times are changing and you have to change with them…”

God is the  creator of the universe. From Him originates all things and if He wants to pulverize us, He can. He only chooses not to because He chooses mercy over judgment, but when the full measure of our sin is met….yes, I know. Who wants to hear all this stuff? There are better things to talk about. Like how we feel. Our rights. Our this and our that. We need to be validated. Yes, I know I have an AK47 aimed at my head now. I am really wading into crocodile infested waters with it aimed at my head and a finger on the trigger.

But, let’s face it. It’s true. We are so all about us. And we want to keep it that way. And then we wonder why we do not have peace.

Saul did things his own way. Thought he was king and could do anything, even against the Lord and not suffer the repercussions. And when the consequences came, he did not repent but sought to follow his selfish ambitions. He was all about himself. He did not realize the extent of who God is.

We are in perilous times. Do we know it? Do we realize that people are dying all over the world because of their faith in Christ and we angst over the fact that our feelings are not being validated? Did anyone validate Christ’s feelings when He was led to the cross? Faith is not about how we feel or what we think is right. It is about following Christ, obeying and trusting Him at His Word, not by whether we feel it or see it. We don’t even have to understand it. Which means that we have to relinquish control to Jesus.

We have to stop being soft Christians if we want to fully experience Jesus. We are not fully experiencing Jesus because if we are, we would hear of a lot more people being healed, of the blind seeing and the lame walking. We would hear of people falling on their faces in repentance because they can see His glory in us. We need to repent.

True repentance brings revival; individually, and in the body of Christ as a whole. We need revival and let’s not wait until we are persecuted to start crying out for God to be made evident in our lives.