Ministry and Life

Some of you might have been wondering if Luis and I are still doing ministry, as I have been intentionally silent about it on my social media. It is not that there is nothing to write about, in fact there has been some happenings; however, it was brought to my attention that what I write here and what I write about in our quarterly newsletters overlap and is old news. In light of that, I am keeping ministry details and prayer requests to the newsletter and keeping this blog about life as seen through my perspective as I walk through life holding onto my Father’s hands. 

Another reason for my silence is because what Luis and I are doing is not something that dramatically changes on a weekly basis. We do not work in villages, but in an urban setting which means that we do not have crowds following us around, nor do we have interesting scenery to depict; nor do we have programs where we can count the numbers of people walking in and out the doors to report on. What we do is talk to, visit, counsel and teach people individually while doing life with some of them.  For the few whom we know really need help, we help with buying some groceries, or medication when the need arises and when we are able to help them. In some areas, there is also an overlap of budding friendships and ministry intermingled, so there really is not a whole lot to write about or show as all the photos will basically be the same; sitting down at a table in a coffee shop somewhere or at someone’s house having conversations and/or lessons about God.

The last reason for the intentional silence is also because this is our baby seedling and we are continually praying about strategies and steps to take. We have made mistakes and we are learning from them, to see how we can do things differently in light of the cultural mentality we are confronted with as well as other things that arise. So, while we walk and tweak on things with God, there is a sense to protect this tiny baby seedling and to shelter it from all social media and to nurture it closely for now.

Also, having been an overseas missionary now for almost 10 years (this August will be 10 years for me), I have realized that I need other outlets besides ministry. I learned this the hard way, believing that I had to only do ministry as a missionary and oppressed a big part of my creative side which I am recuperating through writing, photography, painting, drawing and as you all know, working with clay. I believe that having a creative outlet and a more balanced life is making me saner and healthier in my outlook and perspective of life as an overseas missionary and as a person. Selling the products of my creativity is also teaching me about an area of life that is new to me: small business management and marketing. All around, Luis and I are being stretched in various areas of life and it is good, as long as we do not let it overwhelm us and we always set ahead of us what God wants us to do first.

So, should anyone wonder if we are still actively doing full time ministry, the answer is yes. We will always be doing ministry as that is our calling first and foremost; and everything else that we do aside from it is to allow us to be able to live a somewhat sane and normal life while serving in full time ministry.