Of Shuffleboards and Dusty Corners

God always seems to throw me curve balls. Or perhaps, He isn’t throwing me curveballs but rather, my own logic is not His logic so when I operate out of my logic and He does things His way, I think they are curveballs. Which is a good thing and every time I realize this, it makes me smile. Because I am reminded that I know nothing and am a work in constant progress.

You know how we as a society, except for the eastern cultures, tend to place importance on certain groups of people, especially the youth because they are the future? Well, they are and I am not disputing that at all. However, I think that sometimes too much is placed on their shoulders as the up and comings and so much focus is placed on them to get it right because our generation or the ones behind us didn’t that we forget that we should maybe spread our nets a little further out to encompass those who do not belong to this one group.

God has been showing Luis and I something to this effect these past several months; and an article in today’s Charisma magazine confirmed what we have been seeing that has been overlooked by churches for a while.

The power of the elderly in ministry.

We dismiss that they have potential to help us in ministry, we wonder and I will admit that I have wondered if it is worth it to disciple an older person, especially in our case when the elderly person is illiterate and has a Grade 2 level of education. Yet, what we tend to forget which God has not, is that it is not the age of the person that matters. Neither is it the looks nor the education level of a person that matters to God. God looks at the heart condition, as is recorded in 1 Samuel 16:7. And when He sees a heart that cries out after Him, He responds to it. God also gives place to the elderly to teach the younger people how to live and behave. Yet, western society has shuffled the elderly out of sight and tucked them away in dusty corners to await their appointed time with God.

Luis and I listened to our 84 year old disciple tell us today about how she was so indignant that some people came to her and tried to teach her another gospel apart from that of the gospel of Jesus Christ and she told us how she defended her faith with what she has learned in the last 4.5 months as a new Christian so much so that they decided they could not change her mind and that it was best that they agreed to disagree. What an incredible case of God using the foolish to confound the wise. To worldly eyes, she has nothing to offer and is seen as a foolish old woman. In God’s eyes, she is no fool. Her desire for Him is evident, and this is what propels her to do what seems impossible to others; learn the bible and memorize verses so she can live by them. Her neighbourhood has noticed a change in her.

We see an 84 year old with everything stacked against her. God sees a mighty giant who is a beacon of light in her neighbourhood for Him. I had wondered when we first started teaching her if we were wasting our time. She had already decided to follow Jesus, was that enough or should we teach her the bible too? Would she learn? Shame on me. Shame on me. Shame on me. Through her we have seen God’s miracles in healing, through her we have seen how God can transform a person in their abilities and through her we will see an impact of God moving in her neighbourhood as nothing else can.

Thank God, His ways are different than mine, and His thoughts from mine because as it is more than obvious, His ways are immensely higher than mine. And for that, I am incredibly thankful. If I had followed my thoughts, we would have missed out on being blessed by seeing how God can transform someone in such an incredible way.